Our BuildingDNA Platform

Our exclusive BuildingDNA® Platform is the only system providing you with Smart Visual Intelligence for you to achieve better performance.

As we listened to people describe what they needed for better building management and allowed our natural curiosity to explore solutions, we found two key drivers shaping smart building adoption:

  1. Cross-System Data Aggregation – To create true intelligence, it is important that different smart-building systems, devices and sensor information can be aggregated into a single, accessible system
  2. Data Consumption Preference – To provide Smart Visual Intelligence, we created a powerful, easy-to-use visual interface. This allows you to quickly view assets, issues and solutions.

Our BuildingDNA Platform integrates different systems from different providers, data sources and software interfaces. Key elements of our platform include:

  • SmartMaps™: Our unique and exclusive process that allows us to create large volumes of high-quality, highly-accurate visual indoor maps
  • SensorDNA™: Our exclusive API library that allows our BuildingDNA Platform to connect to leading sensors from different manufacturers, including:
    • Thermostats
    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Compressor air flow / HVAC
    • Water sensors
    • Security cameras
    • Etc…
  • GeoLocate Toolkit: Our amazing simple, visual drag-and-drop interface which allows users to quickly position and locate all systems using our proprietary building coordination system