Integration is the cornerstone of our BuildingDNA® Platform.

However, oftentimes, systems running security, HVAC, water sensors and more are not integrated. They all have their own individual features and functionality, despite having many that overlap with other systems.

The BuildingDNA Platform integrates all these disparate systems into one, easy-to-manage command center. With the SensorDNA™ library of APIs, we can connect our platform to any leading industry sensors. We can integrate systems across:

  • Emergency management / business continuity
  • Building automation
  • Integrated security management
  • Energy management
  • Computerized maintenance management

This integration allows users to more effective manage connected smart buildings. Users can see how one system could be impacting another and perform needed inspection or maintenance. For example, a faulty blower in the HVAC systems could cause energy spikes that draw power away from other critical systems. The integration and visualization of such data can help isolate the true problem and help solve those issues faster while reducing operational costs.