BuildingDNA® Platform can be used in a variety of applications for better smart building management. Some of the most exciting applications are:

  • Building Operations Management
  • School Safety / Emergency Planning
  • Business Continuity

The BuildingDNA Platform utilizes a revolutionary BIAAS (Building Intelligence as a Service) model to allow you to fully access and manage any situation from an onsite computer, tablet, or authorized smart phone. Of course, all the transmitted data is 100% encrypted and password protected to ensure your system’s security.

Building Operations Management

Our user-friendly, visual interface helps increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Our BuildingDNA Platform represents building data and systems to facility managers to provide true Smart Visual Intelligence. We integrate all of your systems and data into one highly useful visual tool. This provides control and management of

  • Asset inventory management
  • Work orders
  • Planned maintenance
  • Systems performance monitoring

School Emergency Operations Planning

While we never want to think of an emergency involving schools, unfortunately it happens. When an emergency occurs at a school, the first responders are often delayed in their response due to a lack of critical and accurate information.  These delays can be tragic.

The BuildingDNA Platform provides an interactive visual overlay on existing emergency operations planning solutions. This is a powerful communications tool for all emergency stakeholders. Tabletop exercises are brought to life to more effectively train school staff. Risks and resources can be catalogued into a digital plan repository. During any emergency, we provide first responders with live, actionable, visual situation intelligence all before they arrive on site.

Business Continuity

Many things can interrupt business operations including floods, earthquakes, fire, loss of power and more. The BuildingDNA Platform helps businesses plan, prepare and efficiently respond to any type of emergency. Those tasked with business continuity planning can visually share plans with everyone in the organization to protect their employees and the financial well-being of the organization.