The Opportunity

Smart Visual Intelligence

better building performance across all systems

At BuildingDNA®, we believe in being continually curious. We pride ourselves on looking at the world differently, we listen, we always commit with purpose, and we enjoy what we do.  These qualities allow us to amaze and create unique solutions which positively impact people’s lives.

Our exclusive BuildingDNA Platform™ is the only commercial building awareness system in the world that provides Smart Visual Intelligence™ to help you achieve better performance. Key areas we are impacting include:

  • School Safety / Emergency Planning
  • Building Operations
  • Business Continuity

We provide visual indoor mapping complete with digitized building plans, geo-located destinations, routes, assets and building systems all on a single platform. This is what Google has called “The Next Frontier.” While Google ends at the street level, we pull the roof off the building and allow you remote (or mobile) consolidated management. Smart and connected buildings, according to Cisco, represent a $349 billion opportunity.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows every building device and system to connect and communicate. These include:

  • HVAC systems
  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide monitors
  • water sensors
  • thermostats
  • lighting
  • security systems (cameras)
  • wall outlets
  • elevators
  • and even RFID tags on people

Our BuildingDNA Platform provides visual indoor mapping to provide true Smart Visual Intelligence that will increase your control and performance.